Saturday, August 23, 2008

Outside Arch and Chimney (hood) Beginings

After the wiring I started work on the Outside Arch. This Arch supports the outside wall of the chimney and creates the exterior visual entrance of the oven. pretty awesome. The back wall of the chimney rises from over the doorway to the oven and the sides gradually corbel up (step inwards) until the chimney is at 8"x8" inside dimensions. at that point it will be done until the building is built and then we will add a 8" insulated flue pipe to take it above roof level. A better name for this thing is "hood" rather than 'chimney' since it is outside of the oven and merely provides an escape for the smoke from the fire that isn't the room outside of the arch.

The whole thing is a bit whopperjaw at this point but a.) it is a charmingly amature structure and b.) this can be corrected in successive courses of brick.

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