Saturday, August 30, 2008

Arch Cladding

So I had to wait to do this final pour until i could get some help and it seemed to be scarce but eventually i did find some help and managed to pour the top cladding in less than 4 hours. This was the biggest pour yet and was exhausting but then it was done and with it the oven is functionally finished meaning that at this point the dry out procedure begins and the only remaining step is to build a wall around it and fill the void with loose vermiculite as insulation. The oven will work at this point (after curing) just not efficiently. There is of course a lot of "pretty work" to do, unless I want to retain the rustic appeal of concrete block.

The arches covered with foil ready for the pour. The foil breaks the bond between the arches and the cladding so that there is some freedom of movement when heat makes things expand.

The finished arch cladding.

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