Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Concrete Walls

I was wishing that I could find some help for some of this concrete work but seeing as most people I know seem to have "jobs" they are not ready available in the steam of a Delmarva morning to mix and pour concrete.

I headed to the hardware store and picked up three 5 gallon buckets and rented the concrete mixer for the 2nd and not final time and then spent the morning shoveling gravel, sand and cement into the mixer (6,4,and 2 shovels respectively) and then dumping the mix into the buckets, then lifting the buckets onto the lip of the oven, then climbing up into the oven, and then lifting the buckets oven the forms and into the oven and dumping them into the void between the brick walls and the OSB forms set up to hold the concrete. After three hours and at least 8 batches of concrete I was finished and thoroughly disgustingly sweaty and gritty. But now I had walls and the next step would be to build the formidable arches.

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