Wednesday, August 6, 2008


A friend of mine from NYC, eager to come and help with the oven before it was completed, came down this weekend. What she got, it seems, was the unenviable task of loading and unloading bricks.
You see I ordered the bricks last Monday and was told that they would be in on Wednesday or Thursday. When I called on Thursday afternoon I was told "oh they'll be in the first of the week." No explanation or apology. So the bricks didn't come until this Monday and Maddie was down for Sunday and Monday and so we spent Monday loading and unloading bricks. The old truck I have is weak in the springs and carting back 150 red bricks and 535 firebricks and a quarter ton of sand (like 2 and half tons) took 4 trips.
We did manage to get the floor of the oven down and it was exciting to finally see a part of the oven that would not be hidden by another part. Indeed the surface upon which the bread will cook!

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ultilibrarrrrian said...

Looks good! Congrats. :) Perhaps I can help out a weekend this fall if necessary!