Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Curing Begins

So the curing process takes a while. If you heat up the oven too fast while it is still wet the water can expand explosively and crack the bricks, at least that is what i imagine might happen. For the first 3-4 days I put a little space heater in the oven which warmed up the surface of the bricks and got rid of some of that moisture. In the mean time I set about doing some things that needed to be done.

My dad had been working on a design for the bakery building but we continued to disagree (civilly) and so i decided to design it. It'll be simple, just a building to keep out the weather while I bake bread.

I also have been building some tools to use in the oven. Some of these just consisted of taking short handled tools that I already had and putting long handles on them (usually old shovel handles). but in the case of the peel I made it all from wood I found in the basement.

This peel is for loading bread into the sides of the oven after a larger peel (which I will be making soon) loads bread into the bulk of the oven. They are a bit bulky but sturdy and will no doubt make me strong.

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