Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Preparing for the Hearth Slab

This weekend, with the help of some friends, I got done a few of the things that needed doing before the hearth slab (the platform for the actual chamber of the oven) could be poured.
My friend Carrie from Philly was down, as was my sister and her friend Jordan, who I had picked up in Athens, Ohio on my way back from Laredo. It was also the weekend of the Chestertown Tea Party so somehow we managed to get this done between bouts of drinking.
Two things needed to be done. 1.) The top course of the foundation needed to be filled with concrete creating a stronger monolithic "bond beam" to help support the weight of the oven (which is suspended around the perimeter on Rebar (will make sense in the next posting)). 2.) Wooden forms needed to made to support the insulation and hearth slabs (which will be poured next time I am home.)
The concrete mixing went quickly with all those hands but we were a bit short so Carrie and I ran up to the Lowe's in Middletown and bought a few more bags and the wood for the forms. We also picked up a bag of manure for my mom. (happy birthday!)
Here are the pictures:
Jordan, Sarah and Carrie fill the bond beam while I stand around and watch.

The wood forms in place.

We're so happy.

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