Thursday, April 14, 2011

Plumbing and Concrete

After the septic was installed and the trenches dug I set about trying my hand at the plumbing. Though i did a job that was apparently "not half bad," not half bad is also not half good as far as the building inspector is concerned and the plumbing was (slightly) reworked by E.T. Kimble et fils of Sudlersville, MD.
That having been completed I prepared the site for concrete by putting down a layer of stone covered in plastic covered in wire mesh. The stone allows moisture an easy path away from the slab and the plastic prevents water vapor from migrating through the slab. This is more of a concern in a finished basement setting where carpet etc. would get moldy although, no one wants moldy bread so i may as well do this right.
I also had to build a form which was a bitch and six halves, primarily because i built it and then it rained and rained again, each time making the ground softer and each time upsetting the delicate balance. then the plumbers came and completely fucked the whole thing up with no delicacy whatsoever.

But finally, after much purgatory, i emerged to today, a beautiful sunny day on which Gillespie and Son, Inc. brought some concrete and Edwin Wright and his son Ebby (and some guy named Gene) finished it to a wonderful smooth finish.
Finally, this project has risen up out of the mud and it is starting to look like a building and starting to make me feel great!
(I have also had a few drinks this evening.)
shiny new concrete.