Saturday, December 22, 2007

The first pour

For some reason when the people came to pour the concrete for the foundation they brought not quite enough. i think this is because the trenches (the part of the excavation that extends down 24") ended up being deeper and wider than anticipated. So right now we have a below grade slab but they will come back and pour more until it is just above grade.
You can also see in the above picture what a mess has been made of the lawn already. It is beginning to feel like a construction zone.

Today My dad and I built the frame for pouring the remainder of the concrete out of old 2"x6"s and set up the 6x6 reinforcing mesh on top of bits of broken brick. I think this slab will be ridiculously strong since the frost walls are 6" deeper than they have to be and the slab itslef is going to be something like 10" thick. Which is good because there is going to be a whole lot of brick on top of it.

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